Bealoc, aka Beacon of Location, periodically sends a beacon about current location to a central server to keep track of your location.


Installed as an administrator to smartphones, it can keep track of your location automaticaaly. By keeping your location history, it can identify when you are moving, which area you are in, how long you have been there and so on without user intervention.

Solves following problems

It will benefit



Any smartphone with gps, GSM network will do the trick. The app will also detect harsh movements, noise and other signals when travelling in red-zones when configured to. This can help keep oneself safe and notify the authorities automatically. As a safety device, there will be profiles which will get activated based on geo-fencing by using crime statistics and police data and will help users keep alert and safe through information, stress call, automatic notifications and increased location beacon. Users will configure it once and forget about it altogether.


This can also be used to keep a personal log of your daily location activity for archival purposes. Hardware addons like gps modules, wrist bands, etc will extend its reach to people of all range groups.


Marketed as a security and safety device to people of all range groups. Initially, it will be limited to smartphone users.

Privacy Concerns

This product definitely has privacy concerns since it tracks the most critical information i.e. location. The data is so critical that it can be misused by the hackers if they get access to it. To remedy the situations, various plans, policies and security features need to be embedded in the product.