Authority, Opinions and Truth

I have trouble believing the information that comes from the experts because most of the time, they don't talk in their domain, express their opinions, make mistakes or are not as knowledgeable as they think(Not claiming I am more knowledgeable than them but that what they are saying should not be taken at face value). This has been proven most of the time by history. Then how am I supposed to take the words of writers, literateurs and others who have read a few books and create some stories to express their opinions and call it the truth? I think that is grave dishonesty. Self help, Life advice books, scams, religius gurus, etc are some of the examples.

You might know how to bend your words, create appealing stories, know the methods of communication, but what about the veracity of your work? I have a disdain for people who create fantasy and then start claiming them as the facts of reality. Self-help gurus, life-advice firms, and other people who claim that they have got one true advice, one true formula and so on and then come up with a testimonial, with a story of struggle to support their claim. There is no difference between their claim and fantasy. Any truth requires some undeniable proofs, not some stories, testimonials, and some charisma or a survivorship from a victimhood. Charisma is a mask that hides your authenticity, honesty and vulnerability. You become a glitter. I have no problem with fantasy and story writers as long as they are honest.

Reject authority, search for authenticity, honesty and clearity. Identify the claims and search for the proofs, facts and reasons behind them.

Another request: Please do not take any of my writings seriously. Most of them are opinions, neither reality nor truth, unless provided with proofs. I am myself biased, not knowledgeable and trying to figure out the nature of reality. If this blog expresses anything, it expresses my current state of mind and understanding, which need not necessarily align with the reality and is bound to change as more facts and information gets assembled in my brain. Do not quote me on anything without consulting me because anything I have written here may no longer align with my current philosophy and understanding.