Inspirations from Hindu Mythology

A continuation of A review of 'Technology in Hindu Mythology by Jyoti Tandukar'.

Upon looking more closely on Hindu Mythology, we can find even more inspirations and analogies we can relate to in modern technology.


We could recreate somthing like Ramsetu aka Adam's Bridge(a bridge made up of floating stones supposedly created by Rama for his ape-army even though there is no evidence of it made up of floating stones or being man-made12) by using stones made of hollow plastic bottles that can float in water. We are already making small homes and building out of plastic bottles.

Embryo transfer and Test tube babies

During Devaki’s seventh pregnancy Vishnu transferred the embryo from Devaki’s womb to Rohini’s womb(Vasudeva’s another wife) as they feared that Kansa will kill this one also. The test tube technology has existed for decades now.

In Mahabharata, the embryo of Gandhari was split into 101 Kauravs(one for a girl and 100 for boys) parts and each part was put in separate containers, as we do now with test tube babies. We do not yet have such advanced technology but it's only matter of time until we remove the need for internal pregnancy at all.

Amrit, Sanjeevni and anti-aging solutions

Amrit, a nector that gives you immortality and Sanjeevni, a medical panacea to any disease are common in Hindu mythology. We can see the need and wish for people to live longer. Scientists are already working on bringing such technology to people's reach. Our life span will increase to hundreds of years and live a healty and young life.


With the help of genetics, we might be able to work on superhuman strength like Hanuman, growing a pair of hands to do more work simultaneously like many deities, etc. Hanuman has so much strength that he can fly by jumping, like Superman. We might never have exactly same technology as depicted but we are already trying to miniaturize rockets and boosters to create single manned rockets for short distance flights.

Genetics has many unexplored possibilities. We might even be able to engineer animals to speak and increase their intelligence and make them do things that they are not capable of. We will create many new species that will cater to our needs.

Avatar and auxiliary bodies

Deities and gods are thought to have been born in different forms as avatars. They could be born as many times possible.

In near future, we might be able to control robotic bodies with our mind and hence making it an avatar of us. We could change our bodies as much as we want. Until we create consciousness transfer, we won't be able to leave our biological body though. It will more of a remote control.

Atman, Consciousness transfer and Singularity

If we consider atman to be our consciousness and somehow be able to transfer it, we might be able to live forever. We could swap from body to body and even upload our brain to digital form, living in it forever as Singularity. It could be thought as sworg where we won't have any physical pain and sensation. We will not die but transcend from physical form to digital one.