Life is meaningless, future is meaningless. What is the reason to live if we will have no trace of existence after few years of our death? Even if we leave a legacy, it will be an image of us. There is no personal gain in it. So why do it in first place? We want to make worlds a better place for future generations. Why do we need children after all? What is the goal? Just to forward the dumb animal race. In the far distant future, even if we conquer the galaxy and the universe, what will we do after that? Even if we assume there was some kind of creator, it might make sense to do all the toiling to attain salvation. But what after that? Eternity of happiness seems boring. Literally, I see no meaning to whatever we do.

Maybe life is not about finding meaning but making your sense of it. Maybe there is no point in reaching a global maxima. Even if there is a global maxima, we won't be sure. Don't go searching for the global maxima. Someone else will, someone else who is lucky enough to be near it, someone lucky enough to be at the top of the world. Who cares? It doesn't matter who gets there, someone will but it doesn't have to be you. All that effort is not worth it, just to be a bit higher than the next guy. You are already a king, a king of, by and for yourself. Now be a good king, find a place, befriend other kings and queens, build a community, explore, grow and experiment. If existence is no more your motivation, let it be exploration, experimentation and enrichment.