Murphy is a badass.

Anything that can go wrong, will. -- Murphy's Law

I had a demo session scheduled with my boss (Shankar Uprety, CEO, Hamropatro) during his one month visit in Nepal on last Monday. I was going to demo radiomonitor, a status tracker for radio servers under Hamro Radio project.

When I reached office and started typing my password, it did not accept my password. I tried few times but no success. I restarted it.

This time, it accepted but within few minutes, it showed low battery notification. I had fully charged my laptop before leaving my room. The system shut down. Santosh dai (Manager, Hamropatro) asked me if I had brought charger, I told I did not because the system should not behave like that. I restarted again.

Santosh dai brought a charger, the system had already restarted, this time with charge around 90%. I plugged the charger anyway, it did not work. But I was assured my laptop battery was OK and it was a bug in new kernel. We went into another room for radiomonitor demo, this time without charger.

My laptop worked perfectly fine for about one hour that day, and even after that, till now. I am typing from the same bootup that day. My uptime is 2 days. I even went to DSAP lab with the same boot. Everything working fine ever since.

Before leaving for office, I had updated my system (Fedora 29) and it had upgraded my kernel version to 4.19.3. I had been using previous version since days. But just before leaving for office, I decided to restart my system so that it could shine.

Why did it had to stop working that day? Why did I need to restart already up laptop twice that day. At that moment, my laptop was booting slower than ever and I was nervous because I was keeping two persons waiting and I was not even sure that next time it was going to work fine or will it nag me again.

Lessons Learnt