Pattie Maes's SixthSense

SixthSense is about creating a new sense(information) in addition to our five senses using technology. Pranav Mistry, a graduate student at MIT, talks about his research project, SixthSense, in which he uses a camera and a project a small projection to use an augmented reality like experience. The camera is for input and the projector is for output.

The device is capable of detecting gesture input and user interaction with the projectionn and is able to respond to the interaction. Moreover, the device is also capable of detecting the context and provide information on its own without user interaction like fetching extra information like reviews on books and products, verifying the product ingredients and validity, etc.

Pattie Maes, Pranav's professor and head of the MIT Media Lab's Fluid Interfaces Group, talks about SixthSense project in relation to changing wearable tech. She talks about how our interactions with computers is changing and how it will evolve in the future.

Today, technology is a lousy tool. Our interfaces with the computers are the bottlenects. Our use of technology is conscious and requires full attention, like driving. There is a need to integrate technology more into our lives that it behaves like a secondary brain, an intelligent servant who is making good guesses to help us. Technology should be plug and play. It should adapt to our needs instead of us adapting to its limitations. The project is an example of next step of evolution. It integrates more to our world. It does still require learning and manual interaction but the cognitive load is reduced.