Theism is irrefutable

Initially, god was behind every action, every step and everything. He was everywhere, knew everything and was all-powerful. Then he was behind every scientific discovery, everything science discovers is due to god and it brings us towards god's existence. Now, every unanswered aspect of scientific discovery is god. Quantum Mechanics, String Theory, Multiverse Theory, Big Bang, you name it.

One day, god had no role in anything else, he created some rules and conditions, created big bang and then let the universe unfold itself. Typical Deism.

No scientist will be able to refute deism. People will always come with new arguments to defend their stance. People will always tend to believe that what they believe is true. Solution? Be an atheist. Embrace Skepticism. Don't believe anything. Go with facts. Remove any beliefs from your system, beliefs of god, religion, society, other people. Anything. Just don't believe anything.

Will we find god? I can't say for sure. Will we believe in god? Number will decrease as we advance in future. Will we get rid of religion? No. There will be some other kind of religion in the future. Is god necessary? Absolutely not. Even if there is some kind of creator, it opens for an infinite new possibilities, it can't fixate on one solution: religion and god. Should atheists argue with theists? Even though athiests can't convince theist, it will help agnostic theists better understand science. We should increase their number. What about morality? Morality will be shaped by society. Things we consider immoral will be different in future. New environments will need new morals.