Why Entrepreneurship?

The question "why entrepreneurship?" is similar to asking "why science?". I am making this comparision here because I consider both of them doing the same thing, creating hypothesis to the problem, testing testing them and reiterate. Scientists think in terms of nature and natural laws, entrepreneurs think in terms of society, economics, problems and opportunities. entrepreneurs find the inventions and opportunities and combine them to solve problem via new businesses.

The reason to choose entrepreneurship is that innate desire to create somthing new, to innovate and the passion to solve a problem.

Problem Solving

entrepreneurship is about problem solving. You see a problem out there and you don't see anyone else working on it. You think the problem is worth solvable. You want to know why the problem has not been tried yet. You look at available solutions. You try to find new solutions that might be able to solve this problem better. You test your new solution in iterations. You modify your solutions. Most of the time you find a decent solution to the problem. You like the satisfaction of solving the problem. You don't mind getting your hands dirty because the satisfaction alone is worth the effort. Other times you learn your lesson. But that does not distract you from problem solving. You will find new problems to solve, new solutions to be found. entrepreneurship is a full time job. Once you are into problem solving and start thinking like a entrepreneurship, the world will not be the same again.


Priorities is another reason to choose entrepreneurship. A job at a big company come with a set of responsibilities and strings. There are rules, there are processes and there is red-tape. You know, that is what keeps the company stable but that is also what keeps the company from innovating, keeps it from trying and solving new problems. You don't want to be a Pinocchio, you want to be a real boy. You want problems, adventures and action, not romance and fiction. Your curious and ambitious mind can't settle for anything less.

Side effects and Consequences

As a side effect of entrepreneurship and a successful startup, you get fame, profits and create jobs. There is increase in productivity. There is increase in net wealth of the world. There is value added to the society. You will change lives and society. You will have full control over your time schedule, dress code, workspace environment. You might even get idolized and become the face of the company. There will be no boss to tell you what to do and what not to do.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Don't be fooled. These are the consequences. If you want to become a entrepreneur due to theese consequences, then you are doing it wrong. Yes there is a possibility that you will be a success but unlikely. The money comes with strings attached, the fame has privacy breached, there is no schedule because it is full-time job. There is no boss but a whole market to tell you what to do and what not to do. Starting from zero means restarting the game. To get to the successfult stage, you will have to struggle. During the struggle, passion and priorities is what gets you going. If you lack those, you will break down. If your success is defined by how much money you make and fame you earn instead of how much problems you solve, get your priorities straight.


Personally, I choose IT entrepreneurship because it is a chance to diversify myself and my thinking. I intend to create a new perspective to view this world other than my engineering view and scientific view. I hope to be able to add an extra dimension in my thinking process so that I will be able to better solve the problems. This course will let me have better idea about the world and provide me with an alternative yet integrated approach to solve world problems with Information technology.