The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live --moreover, the only one.


Life is meaningless, future is meaningless. What is the reason to live if we will have no trace of existence after few years of our death? Even if we leave a legacy, it will be an image of us. There is no personal gain in it. So why do it in first place? …

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Why do Integrated Circuits contain gold?

Gold is used in ICs for interfacing to the package. Copper can cause corrosion in the packagins. There are two solutions to avoid this, aluminium plating on copper pads or nickel/gold packaging. Gold plating is somehow found to be cheaper because it elimi…

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State Considered Harmful

I recently studied a paper that described how states on computers are a big security issues and proposes a laptop which holds no system at all, requiring all the components of a computer system including disk controllers, network controllers, microproce…

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Structure of A Conference Paper

Structure of A Conference Paper Title Identify study variables and the relationship between them Don't include words "method and results" Remove redundancies Avoid yes-no question as title. All nouns capitalized Title is centered Author names …

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How To Choose a Good Scientific Problem

Choosing a problem is an act of nurturing. Problems can be easy/hard and can have small or large gain in knowledge. Easy/small knowledge gain: to get started Easy/large gain: postdoc or 2-5 year project Hard/large gain: long term (10 years or more)…

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